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Helping Solicitors & Legal organisations to identify and secure exceptional legal talent nationwide.

Our account managers & consultants understand requirements of our clients and and their prospective employees. All of our hiring solutions are tailored to increase the likelihood of a mutually beneficial cultural fit.

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“Knowledgeable advisers with advertising that works.” – Carl, Leicester

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Our application levels speak for themselves.

Talent Pool

Building a talent pool with i4 Resourcing means you can hire multiple key members of staff at a fraction the cost of typical recruitment solutions. Need more than one receptionist or legal secretary? Start generating a talent pool for your business today.

Dedicated Account Managers

Not only do our account managers optimise your ad for the best response. They can also assist with candidate filtering, qualifying phone calls and more. Allow us to take the reigns and fast track your hiring processes. Speak to one of our team today on 01603 415 100


Having a thorough understanding of the legal landscape enables i4 Resourcing to target more effectively high quality potential employees. Through demographic & legal sector research our optimised ads will be placed in front of the right people for you.

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    Speak to one of our team today on 01603 415 100