Local businesses are thriving thanks to the World Cup and as of yet, unbroken summer sun. Pubs and shops are being targeted by football fans for snacks and beverages ready for the England games and by winning the last round, England are now through to the quarter final this Saturday which will only increase sales.

An off licence in Marks Tey has reported a threefold increase in business on the days of England games. This remarkable surge comes from the surprising combination of England’s success and the continuous hot summer days we are experiencing.

Manager, Richard Hipkin says:

“It’s gone bonkers, we’ve been ridiculously busy, and we’ve almost doubled our turnover in the last month. It’s the beer that everyone is after right now.”

A local pub owner of Beer & Co has said:

“We had our own World Cup event, for the England v Belgium game, with Belgian beers of course. It went very well, apart from the result of the match. Groups of friends are getting together and going to pubs for the matches, as we have. There is a really positive feeling about and people are out and about shopping too.”

As well as breweries and off licence’s profiting from this lengthy good fortune, clothing stores are also finding themselves experiencing a rise in sales for waistcoats as a consequence of the ‘Gareth Southgate effect’.

UK head of retail at KPMG, Paul Martin says that:

“For fashionistas, waistcoats can be found around every corner, thanks to the ‘Gareth Southgate effect’ – yet another example of the growing trend of consumers looking to emulate the look of their rising idols.”

England’s performance throughout the World Cup has been astonishingly promising and with this, sales of football strips and gear will most likely rise. Martin comments further:

“Success will be determined by how finely-tuned a retailer’s supply chains are at delivering the latest must-haves seamlessly. However, online retailers might find it easier to prise fans away from watching the all-important game than high street retailers will.”

Businesses profiting from England’s success will strike high levels of sales again this Saturday, with the England vs Sweden match starting at 15:00.

Local Businesses Thriving From England's Success i4 Resourcing

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