The UK’s number 1 job site officially lost the will to work this morning. REED, who helps the world love Mondays, had that Monday morning feeling on a Tuesday as the site briefly went down.

However, do not let this down time stop your search for a job on this site or using this service as the fantastic REED team were quick on their feet. The problem was resolved and the site was back up and running within minutes!

Director at i4 Recruitment Norwich, Jason Adams says:

“IT is not infallible but top engineers turn thing around very quickly. Well played REED. Back to business as usual.”

Since 1960, REED has provided online services for jobseekers and recruiters by advertising vacancies on behalf of employers and agencies. Every month an average of 7 million job seekers go to this job site in search for work.

This is a great platform for job seekers of any age in any profession all across the UK. REED homes vacancies across 42 industries and receives 160,000 applications every day.

Here at i4 we have an ongoing relationship with REED and have been using their services since our establishment, 14 years ago.

Adams asserts that:

“We have listed thousands of thousands of jobs with them. As part of our network, REED always delivers.”

Contact us about joining our thriving network of job boards at i4resourcing!

REED lost will to work i4 Resourcing

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