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Norwich Business Improvement District Develops New National Alliance

Norwich Business Improvement District (Norwich BID) is a part of an important collective of Business Improvement Districts within the UK that have established a new national partnership with The BID Foundation. The BID Foundation’s objectives concern the improving of standards and the assurance that local businesses and communities are benefiting from The BID Foundation’s assistance.

The Executive Director of the Norwich Business Improvement District, Stefan Gurney, has been elected as the Vice-Chair for the new BID Foundation. This sets out a fantastic opportunity for the Norwich BID as it would bring Norwich to the “forefront of setting the vision and strategy for the future direction of the BID’s industry.”

Gurney further comments that:

“The BID Foundation has been developed by the BID community as a transparent partnership that will ensure we are represented at a regional and national level presenting a clear and collaborative voice. This will also give Norwich a competitive edge to driver our business community, secure additional investment and raise the national profile of the city.”

Norwich’s Stefan Gurney was also involved with the leading group of 27 BIDs that, in partnership with the sector’s professional body, the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, established the concept of the BID Foundation.

The Business Improvement District is administered by a board of 14 BID CEOs and is managed by the Chief Executive of LeedsBID, Andrew Cooper. When discussing the launch, Cooper states that:

“Business Improvement Districts have come together to create an independent organisation to champion the needs of front line practitioners whilst recognising the value and contribution of BID’s to our towns and cities. The BID Foundation is a way to increase the both local impact of each BID involved and further develop the model as trusted form of urban management.”

Cathy Parker, Chair of the Institute of Place Management said:

“Around 80,000 businesses contribute to Business Improvement Districts in the UK bringing more than £75 million of business contributions, and a total investment of over £110 million. This is already making a profound difference to the towns and cities in which BIDs are based but through The BID Foundation there is the potential to achieve more local and national impact. The commitment from Norwich BID has been fundamental to getting this important initiative off the ground.”

To summarise, this new alliance between Norwich Business Improvement District and The BID Foundation will result in improved high street and commercial areas locally and nationally.

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