June 2019 - i4 Resourcing
Fixed Fee Recruitment

Fixed Fee Recruitment vs The Usual Suspects

Here at i4 Resourcing we harp on about Fixed Fee Recruitment (also known as Flat Fee Recruitment) because it's simply the best. The return on investment with Fixed Fee Recruitment far outweighs most other methods and the proof is in the pudding. In this post we go into more detail and breakdown why this method of sourcing new staff is worth every penny. Cost Per Candidate When it comes to ROI from a financial standpoint, we only want to know the [...]

Compare Job Board Prices

Compare Job Advert Prices with i4 Resourcing

We have been at it again! Putting together a new tool for our website visitors to make use of. The i4 team have pieced together a page that outlines in one place prices for job adverts across the web. Without a meerkat in sight, you can now compare job advert prices with i4 Resourcing online. Our job board comparison page can be found by clicking here. As you can see it is laid out neatly for you to see [...]