We make sure you only see candidates who are perfect for the role.

If you have a large pool of potential candidates, going through them to work out who’s worth interviewing is time consuming. We can handle this process for you. We take everything you need for the role into account and pass over only the very best candidates. Taking into account skills, company culture and motivation we whittle down all potential candidates into a small pool of perfect candidates.

Benefits of Application Filtering

  • Flexible filtering – always taking your needs into account
  • Ongoing feedback, we’re always listening to what you need from an employee
  • Frees up your time so you can focus your effort elsewhere
  • Quick turnaround – you’re never waiting on us

How It Works

  1. Once we have a pool of candidates from your sources or ours, we’ll begin to filter them
  2. Looking at the job spec, we’ll work out who has the base essential skills for the role
  3. We look at your company’s culture and ethos, would these applicants fit in?
  4. We send you our filtered list of perfect candidates
  5. Vacancy, filled.

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