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Fixed Fee Recruitment

Fixed Fee Recruitment vs The Usual Suspects

Here at i4 Resourcing we harp on about Fixed Fee Recruitment (also known as Flat Fee Recruitment) because it's simply the best. The return on investment with Fixed Fee Recruitment far outweighs most other methods and the proof is in the pudding. In this post we go into more detail and breakdown why this method of sourcing new staff is worth every penny. Cost Per Candidate When it comes to ROI from a financial standpoint, we only want to know the [...]

Compare Job Board Prices

Compare Job Advert Prices with i4 Resourcing

We have been at it again! Putting together a new tool for our website visitors to make use of. The i4 team have pieced together a page that outlines in one place prices for job adverts across the web. Without a meerkat in sight, you can now compare job advert prices with i4 Resourcing online. Our job board comparison page can be found by clicking here. As you can see it is laid out neatly for you to see [...]

Job Advert Template

5 Job advertising dilemmas and how to fix them

New methods of finding staff for your business pop up year after year. Some of it fails and businesses who commit to them discover this the hard way. Other technologies and ways of job advertising consistently deliver and are here to stay. Whether you have been advertising vacancies for decades or just starting out. Here are some of the issues we all face and our tips on how to resolve them. 1. A poorly written job advert Writing the advert [...]

Hire HGV and LGV Drivers

How to hire HGV and LGV Drivers

Hiring drivers isn't like it used to be. Very rarely these days can you offer your most popular trunk driver a packet of pork scratchings and a pint to get their mate from the pub to come and work for you. In 2019 you need to be a little more strategic. Companies are crying out for drivers with a shortage topping 70,000 workers. Today we look at how to hire HGV and LGV Drivers for your UK based business. [...]

What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

Long gone are the days of putting up a little note on your local Asda notice board. So are the days paying for newspaper space that is more likely to line a litter tray that deliver applications. The world of job advertising has gone www. and it has never been bigger! Advertising giants are taking advantage of the online market. Typically charging upwards of £100 for a small patch of digital space. Fear not however! Flat fee recruitment companies [...]

Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Healthcare Recruitment: Three options often overlooked

The care industry is rapidly expanding and the demand for compassionate and friendly staff is forever on the rise. The work itself is rewarding with plenty of opportunities for progression. So why is finding the right staff often a lengthy and expensive process? Healthcare recruitment in Norwich and surrounding areas tends to see agencies supplying a single member of staff for a percentage of the stated annual salary. This commission is usually 10% or more resulting in pretty steep [...]

CareerBuilder London Office

Job Advertising Accelerated: What boards do we use?

Job advertising online can be a bit of a gamble. Unless you do plenty of research and a bit of testing it can be hard to know which board is ideal for your vacancy. With some websites charging upwards of £200 for a single listing is it worth the risk? It all depends on how important filling the role is. When an extra pair of hands is needed to keep the business moving forward can you afford to think [...]

Care Recruitment Agencies in Norwich

Care Recruitment Case Study

Since October 2018 i4 Resourcing have taken on the job advertising for a care charity in the south west. Our care recruitment services began on a performance related basis. This eliminated all risk for the charity by allowing a set number of applications before paying a penny. The first role they advertised with i4 Resourcing was for a care assistant in a rural village. The village itself is home to less than a thousand residents and a 22 minute [...]

5 Questions Employers Shouldn’t Ask In Interviews i4 Resourcing

5 Questions Employers Shouldn’t Ask In Interviews

What can you actually ask in interviews? It seems that nowadays you only have to breathe for somebody to be offended. In a professional environment such as an interview there are generally topics and questions that you have to either entirely avoid or consider how to approach before discussing. Many of the questions that employers shouldn’t ask in an interview are generally based on discriminatory grounds. Interviews are designed to determine whether a candidate is or has the potential to be [...]

The Effects of Summer on Recruitment in the UK i4 Recruitment

The Effects of Summer on Recruitment in the UK

As the waves of wind and rain hit the UK, it’s a clear sign that summer has officially gone and autumn is here to stay. What better time to reflect on the joys and downs summer brought to the world of recruitment. In a fluctuating economy and social environment the hiring market felt the effects of a world with more jobs than candidates this summer. Although this tested the best of businesses, it posed an opportunity to delve into how [...]