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Compare Job Board Prices

Compare Job Advert Prices with i4 Resourcing

We have been at it again! Putting together a new tool for our website visitors to make use of. The i4 team have pieced together a page that outlines in one place prices for job adverts across the web. Without a meerkat in sight, you can now compare job advert prices with i4 Resourcing online. Our job board comparison page can be found by clicking here. As you can see it is laid out neatly for you to see [...]

The Effects of Summer on Recruitment in the UK i4 Recruitment

The Effects of Summer on Recruitment in the UK

As the waves of wind and rain hit the UK, it’s a clear sign that summer has officially gone and autumn is here to stay. What better time to reflect on the joys and downs summer brought to the world of recruitment. In a fluctuating economy and social environment the hiring market felt the effects of a world with more jobs than candidates this summer. Although this tested the best of businesses, it posed an opportunity to delve into how [...]

Amazon Web Services Ireland Tech Jobs

Amazon Web Services Ireland creates 1,000 tech jobs

A new Amazon Web Services (AWS) office in central Dublin has created the opportunity for 1,000 technology jobs. Amazon are seeking employees to fill roles such as software developers and data centre engineers and are looking to recruit over the next two years. Having opened on Monday, the new office covering 170,000 square feet will also offer highly skilled roles for network development, system engineers and security and big data specialists. In addition to this, AWS will be offering a collection [...]

Decline of printed newspaper sales

The Decline of Printed Newspaper Sales & Rise of Digital Media

In an age where the digital world is dominating most generation’s accessibility to the latest news, printed newspaper companies have a great deal to compete with. It can be argued that the modern is digital and the traditional is print, with newspapers gradually becoming outdated. Statistics state that the average age of The Independent and The Daily Telegraph reader ranges between 43-61 years old, whereas papers such as The Mirror and The Sun appear to be attracting small crowds in [...]