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Facebook Advertising

Get the most from the world’s largest online platform with Facebook advertising

With over 2.23 billion monthly active users as of Summer 2018, Facebook advertising is a top solution for getting your job vacancies seen.

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The figure mentioned above may seem a little daunting. But peace of mind comes in knowing that if you wish to hire somebody, chances are they’re on Facebook. We offer a variety of Facebook advertising options from regional to industry specific targeting. At i4 Resourcing we use a variety of technologies to help your job adverts get seen by the right people. Speak to one of our team today on 01603 415 100

Why i4 Resourcing?

Find out why i4 Resourcing are your one stop shop for Facebook advertising

Advanced Technology

In order to get the most of your social media advertising we use a variety of performance enhancing technologies.

Professional Design

All of our campaigns come complete with professionally designed and optimised visuals to accompany your job advert. Speak to one of our team today on 01603 415 100

Video & Media

Looking for something a little more engaging? We have our very own in-house media team for video production & editing.

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One Pixel.

The typical screen resolution has upwards of 200,000 visible pixels. We only need one to drive your social media advertising to new heights.

A Facebook Pixel is a complete game changer and we utilise these to the best of their abilities. This technology allows you to retarget visitors to your website and push job ads to those who have shown an interest on your careers portal. The i4 Resourcing social media experts assist with installation and provide optional training on the Facebook Ads Manager. Speak to one of our team today on 01603 415 100