Q. How do I submit information about the job or jobs I’m looking to advertise?

A. You can use our Vacancy Submission Form to send us all the details about your job. This will normally be sent to you by your account manager but you can use this link to send us information about a new job.

Q. How quickly will my job advert go live after I’ve submitted my job information?

A. We won’t post your job until you confirm that you’re happy with the ad. Once you submit your job information using the Vacancy Submission Form, we’ll process it and get back to you with the formatted ad, once you’re happy with this, the job ad will go live.

Q. I need help using the ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

A. We’ve got a handy ATS User Guide which you can access here. Still stuck? Give your account manager a call or an email and they’ll be happy to help!

Q. What’s the benefit of using the ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

A. The ATS gives you a single place to view all applications for your job. You can flag the ones you love and flag the ones you don’t. Using the ATS also means that we could filter applications for you if you wanted.

Q. I’ve forgotten my password to the ATS, what do I do?

A. Simply give your account manager a call or an email and they’ll walk you through getting back into your account.


If you’ve got any questions we haven’t covered here, feel free to get in touch.

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