A leading healthcare organisation operates hospitals and care homes to provide a range of specialist services to those suffering complex mental health needs. The types of vacancies offered by this employer cover a whole spectrum of skills and expertise. nursing homeTheir job opportunities range from maintenance and administrative roles, to support worker positions, management and executive vacancies, as well as skilled nursing, therapeutic and psychological roles.

The Challenges

  • The client handled their vacancies by paying for expensive advertising that was not very effective as it was only using one job board.
  • Insufficient candidates were applying for jobs, and some roles were very difficult to fill.
  • The quality of candidates applying for roles was not to the standard required.
  • Vacancies were taking too long to fill.

The Solutions

By offering an advertising solution across a wide selection of leading generalist and specialist job boards at a low fixed price, the client was able to cut current advertising costs and keep those costs to a minimum whilst being able to evaluate a number of job boards for their effectiveness and ability to produce quality candidates.

Opening the advertising across a wide network of job boards dramatically increased the number and quality of candidates applying for positions. I4resourcing advised on the most suitable job boards for the sector and vacancies available, so that advertising effectively targeted the right candidates.

Where vacancies were more difficult to fill, i4resourcing provided specialist CV searching to locate other job seekers suitable to the roles.

Key to the success of the relationship between i4resourcing and the client was dedicated account management and regular communication to continually adjust and refresh the advertising and CV searching to ensure that the needs of Lighthouse Healthcare were being met.


“We now reach a much wider audience as we advertise across most of the top job boards available which has resulted in a quicker fill rate, a larger volume of candidates and better quality/variety of candidates.”

Note this is a genuine client testimonial, but our policy is to restrict publishing full client information to protect them from being inundated by sales calls. Further information can be given when we receive qualified interest in our services.