Online Job Board Advertising

Online campaigns at a fraction of the

i4Resourcing have been managing successful online recruitment campaigns for many years. We have agreements in place that give our clients access to more than a thousand job boards. i4Resourcing provides a selection of recruitment advertising packages to suit your needs.




Mobile & Tablet Advertising

new-piktochart_18689314_3a19a399a27d4df2df6c39c8188027c7d5a05e18Mobile advertising gives you the opportunity to increase traffic to your website, by only targeting a specific audience who have an interest in the content. We can target users based on what they like to read and what their audience will be looking for while on their phones.




Facebook Advertising

Moving into the digital, social media world using Facebook ads is a greanew-piktochart_18689314_da7c51432f05f13d61bf7713b090c2b293af2504t way to gain
exposure for your jobs when recruiting, increasing your chances of gaining potential applications and to hire.

We are not only targeting people’s job roles and interests relating to their jobs, we can target their hobbies, interests, favourite TV programmes.




Transport Advertising

new-piktochart_18689314_282a087ff20cfd3b2507cac5b1c078c3caf66332By applying offline Brand Marketing techniques to talent attraction i4 can cleverly link up online solutions with offline advertising campaigns.

Offline Marketing is still an effective awareness driving tool that offers a targeted approach.




Website Building & Careers Portal

We can build you a custom careers page!new-piktochart_18689314_292e579cc7b6a69d5732efde5f892245fdf6df81

A fully integrated web page, where all your job vacancies are posted. A careers portal will link directly from your website, which we can host on your behalf.

We can create a careers portal for your specific needs and budget. Depending on your budget, we can provide a basic page and layout.




TV & Radio Advertising

new-piktochart_18689314_122def00fc5f238f33d1ccd3933a14e438c12452i4Resourcing can advertise your company and job vacancies utilising TV advertising.

Radio ads are an effective, low-cost medium where you can reach your target audience. Radio creates emotional reactions.




Application Filtering

To save you time and money, i4Resourcing can filter your application for

All applications are manually reviewed by recruitment specialists ensuring your potential candidates are suited to your requirements.

Simply provide us with a brief and we’ll take it from there. You’ll never have to read an irrelevant CV again.




Telephone Screening

new-piktochart_18689314_27cac9b93141f3a2456166c7d1c723430ea4a467Reduce the strain on your internal team and have our recruitment specialists conduct the first round of your interview process.

i4Resourcing will call each relevant filtered candidate. The charge is made for each connected call to the correct person.




Head Hunting

Sometimes you need the very

i4Resourcing’s specialist recruiters can target your competitors and identify their top level talent.

Allowing your recruitment budget to stretch further.




Search & Select

new-piktochart_18689314_e5fa207a5fd63db43264ba32d5c82004daf4fbaeSearch & Select is a bespoke recruitment service to find the candidate you require.

i4Resourcing can target specific applicants to suit your requirements.