Social Media Recruitment Advertising

Facebook Advertising

In the UK alone, 24 million people check Facebook every day and on average, each person spends 50 minutes on the platform per day. This means that on average, the perfect person for your role spends 25 hours on Facebook per month.

Advertising on Facebook with our help gives you the chance to reach them. Facebook offers unparalleled targeting options, allowing you to advertise only to people perfect for the job.

  1. Job Title – Advertise only to people who are currently doing the job you need filling
  2. Location – Target your ads to specific areas and location to make sure everyone is in travelling distance
  3. Education – Find people with the perfect level of education, whether you need someone fresh out of school, a graduate or anyone in between
  4. Language – Find people speaking the language you need
  5. Interests and Connections – Target people who have a specific interest or who even those who like your company’s page

Twitter Advertising

16.4 million people use Twitter in the UK and this is on the rise. User Twitter ads to target your next hire is specific, powerful and cost effective. Twitter ads allow you to reach specific users and helps you amplify your message to reach even more suitable people.

  1. Your advert, seen at the right time – Twitter is a fast paced, proactive platform. This gives you the chance to have your message seen by people when they’re most receptive.
  2. Powerful Targeting Options – Twitter allows you to target people based on what they’re talking about, need someone with a keen and active interest in web development? No problem.
  3. Make your message stand out – Twitter ads are customisable, hard hitting and prominent

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