We've got experience helping find great drivers, technicians and managers for your logistics business

Our Results

We’ve got proven experience at helping transportation and logistics companies like yours find great drivers, technicians and managers.

Job Title Applications Received Result
Logistics Manager 70 Hired
Vehicle Technician 29 Hired
Class 2 HGV Driver 31 Hired — Case Study


How It Works

Our quick and easy process ensures that you save time money and hassle when posting your vacancy to job boards. Instead of paying a huge fee for a single board posting, we can make your money go further and post that same vacancy to a huge network of job boards.

  • ✔ Get your ad shown on a huge network of job boards - including industry and location specific job boards
  • ✔ You send us your job description and talk to us about exactly what you need from this candidate
  • ✔ We refine and optimise your job description, making sure it’s easily findable and will appear prominently on all boards
  • ✔ We post the job to our vast network
  • ✔ Applicants roll in
  • ✔ From there, we can either screen more candidates or can hand the process over to you.
  • ✔ Vacancy, filled.


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